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John ZarboJohn Szarbo MS

John Szabo MS is the author of  Volcanic Wines, Salt. Grit and Power (2016) and an expert in unlocking and explaining the terroir of wines made from grapes grown on volcanic soils.

Famous volcanic regions include wines from the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily,  Canary Islands, The Azores,  the Dundee Hills in Oregon, Mount Vesuvius and the Yamanashi region located near Mount Fuji in Japan.

In this special tasting of wines, sourced from volcanic regions around the world, John will discuss these fascinating wine regions and at the same time offer insights on a selection of local wines from Auckland's own celebrated Volcanic Field. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about this intriguing subject.


About John Szabo MS

Master Sommelier John Szabo was the first Canadian to add the MS after his name in 2004 and has been acknowledged as one of Canada’s best-known sommeliers.  Today, John’s day job is as partner and principal critic for, Canada’s largest wine publication. He also writes for Wine & Spirits Magazine and has published columns in numerous other magazines and newspapers. John's latest book, Volcanic Wines, Salt, Grit and Power (Jacquie Small, 2016, UK) earned critical acclaim globally including the André Simon Award 2016. John is also a partner in the small J&J Eger vineyard in Hungary.

 John is eager to discover the volcanic vineyards of New Zealand - an important stop on the Pacific Ring of Fire.


Auckland's Volcanic Field

Auckland's Volcanic Field consists of at least 48 volcanoes with the Waitemata and Manukau harbours considered ancient rivers, surrounded by dry land, that overtime have been submerged by the sea. Waiheke Island, now important as a wine-growing region, remained above sea level. The numerous small scoria cones, that on average range from 10 to 120 meters in height, contribute a unique and unexplored aspect of Auckland’s wine terroir. 



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International Volcanic Wine Tasting with John Szabo MSJoin John Szarbo MS, author of Volcanic Wines, Salt. Grit and Power, in a unique tasting of wines sourced from volcanic regions around the world along with a selection of local wines from Auckland's own Volcanic Field.Available from Sun 21 Apr 2019 until Fri 26 Jul 2019$115.00

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